More Birthday

Nash’s birthday is just around the corner (he is currently asking for a pirate + bike + pirate themed birthday party…not sure how to pull that one off?!), but before we can move forward in celebrating his B’day I found a few pictures from Evyn’s birthday celebration in June with her Mimi and Pop Pop that I forgot to post, so…here ya go…

Come on Daddy, it's present time!!!!

Um, I'm not so sure about this?!

Mimi and Pop Pop...Oh how we love thee!

Oh, this IS fun afterall!! So much better out of the box! And look...she's SMILING and I caught it on film!!!! That's my girl!! 🙂

Party foul. Water in the face.

Pops to the rescue. They adore each other...and share the same birthday!!


Happy Birthday (again!) Evyn Olivia!


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