Homemade dresses

Growing up my mom made many of the dresses my sisters and I wore. It was a treat when my grandmother would take us shopping and buy us a “store bought dress” as I called them. I know I sound like I grew up in the early 1900’s but I’m talking the mid 80’s, people! Easter dresses (some may or may not have had pantalooms! what?!) to PROM dresses, my mom made them all. My sweet mom would try to get us girls to help her cut out the patterns and watch as she pieced the dresses together, but I was never interested in paying attention or learning the trade. Oh, if I could go back in time and PAY ATTENTION! I wish I could sew! I’m a smart girl and I like to think I am crafty, so I could probably figure out a pattern, but it honestly overwhelms me and if it’s true that “time is money”….I think I should just let someone else who feels called to sew, sew. ANYWAY, when my mom was down for a visit I was telling her about the adorable southern simple dresses all the little girls wear and look what she whipped up for my little beauties…

Adorable, right!? Homemade dresses for my girls now top my list of FAVORITE things! Evyn was in a sweet mood and felt super pretty in her dress so she humored me with a few photos…

"enough with the pictures mom."

The dresses turned out SEW cute (ha!), I am inspired to give it a go myself and make a few more dresses for the girls! I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out! (or if it doesn’t turn out. Now, that would make a good blog post!)


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