Call me a “Belieber”…

Guilty. I admit it. I’m a Justin Bieber fan. Don’t judge. You know you’ve found yourself humming along to his addicting poppy tunes. Two months ago I didn’t even know who the kid was really. Sure, I had heard his name and seen some stuff about him, but wasn’t overly impressed. But then it happened. It happened when Netflix delivered “Never Say Never” to our doorstep and within the first 15 minutes we were wooed by the adorable Justin Bieber. (Why “Never Say Never” came to our house, is another story in itself!). We have the fever. Yes, even Bryson. I guess we are what you call, Beliebers! This is ridiculous, I know that. But have you seen the movie?? It’s adorable. I love this kid’s heart! (Or at least how they portray him in the movie.) I love his mom and her passion for Jesus and love for her son. Mostly I love how Justin openly talks about his love Jesus. He seems genuine and authentic. Granted, Justin is a 17-year old kid who is bound to make tons of mistakes for the entire world to see and criticize (Example A: slow down on your relationship with Selena Gomez, Romeo!), but I hope that as becomes an adult, he will continue to grow in his walk with Christ. What an incredible platform he has to stand on and share Truth! Just this morning I came across this article about Justin’s faith and how during an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards He told the audience that ย “Jesus loves everyone of you”….it’s an interesting read if you are a “belieber” or just curious about this pop culture phenomenom. Check it out:


That’s your pop culture lesson for the day, class. Don’t hold it against me if you can’t stand the kid. Just keeping it real! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 


1 thought on “Call me a “Belieber”…

  1. Fun fact: he used to go to insideout! my friend who works there has his registration printed on her wall ๐Ÿ˜‰

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