An Apple A Day…

Ev climbed up to the counter and helped herself to an apple which she thoroughly enjoyed.

…keeps the doctor away. Which is exactly what we need around here! All three little people were/are sick this weekend. Meyer has RSV, Evyn’s cold flared up her asthma so she is back on breathing treatments and steroids, and Nash had a nasty 24 hour bug. (Side Note: There is nothing quite like cleaning puke off a top bunk. Ew!!!!! Those are the moments that the “mom thing” just kicks in and some how you are able to do things that you never thought you could/would do but have to do because, well, you have to cause you’re the mom and that’s just what mom’s do. You following me?) But I am so grateful for great doctors and quality medicine to help heal and comfort my little people. I don’t take that for granted for a single second.

Bryson did get home from Africa and had an incredible time. The next evening I had to fly to Texas for a planning meeting for Passion Ft. Worth. I was there for literally 24 hours then I was headed back home as fast as I could. Get this, I was packed up and headed to lobby at 6:30am to meet my ride to the airport but when I reached my hotel door it just wouldn’t open. I got locked INSIDE my hotel room!! How does that even happen?! Seriously, the door knob just broke and I was stuck inside my room. It took the maintenance guys over an hour to get the door open AND I totally missed my flight home!! Oh the random things that happen to me in my life!


Breathing treament pro!



2 thoughts on “An Apple A Day…

  1. Emily – while I totally agree with the mom instinct, I’ve seen some of the stuff you had to clean out of bathhouses in Myrtle. I totally knew you had it in you to clean puke off the top bunk! You are an awesome mom and I love following your journey.

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