My Evyn…

Oh what a special girl you are! At 19 months old, here are three words that describe you best….
Passionate…you are very passionate. When you laugh, your laughter reaches every corner of the house and makes me giggle too. When you cry, your sobs are uncontrollable, dramatic (regardless how small the reason you might be crying about) and loud! You are a little lover who loves to give kisses and snuggles. Even in your eating you are passionate! When you like a food, you LOVE it. When you don’t like a food, you make it very evident. It seems you are going to be a girl who knows her mind and runs after the things you love. I love that about you. I pray God helps me teach you to funnel that passion in a direction that brings him much glory as you grow in Him.
Adventurous…My girl, it seems you have no fear! I pray this serves you well through life! But as a toddler, I’m afraid you may give me a heart attack! ๐Ÿ™‚ In the past weeks you have become a climber. In the blink of an eye, I will find you standing on a table, the bathroom counter, or on top of a toy box grinning ear to ear! You are so proud of your accomplishment as a climber. Nothing is out of your reach now! May God use this strength and desire for adventure to reach great heights in life, little one!
Vocal…You are a chatter box. I love how you repeat any and everything. You have so many words in your vocabulary, among your favorites: Mama, Nay Nay (Nash’s nickname you have given him), baby Meyer, EAT!?, stuck, apple, and every toddler’s fav–“NO!”. Your most favorite phrase that you say (with the sweetest grin and regardless of the time of day)…Mama, cookie please? I love how your voice fills our home (though I sometimes wish you had a volume button! ๐Ÿ™‚ but that will come in time) and your words bring us joy.
My Evyn, you are strong and bright! You understand most everything I say. You follow directions well (you even help me put away the laundry and clean up your room). You are always eager to help. You tell me when you poo poo and even ask to sit on the potty already! You are a great big sister to Meyer, always rocking her, kissing her, patting her head and making sure her pacifier is in her mouth. You adore her…and lately want to be like her! I have laughed at you many times this week as you climbed in her moses basket, asked to take a bath in the baby bath, and even claimed a pacifier as your own. You are such a silly and sweet baby…I mean BIG GIRL!
I am so grateful to call you my beloved daughter. Oh how we love you, little one!


1 thought on “My Evyn…

  1. SO sweet!! She sounds like my mekele! So I was pictuinr g everything you are saying b/c its happening at our house! in fact, i could just change the name of your post!! I love toddlerhood and our HH cuties!!

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