Ethiopia to cut adoptions?!?!?

This article from Tom Davis of Red Letters just came across my radar. It left me feeling like I had been punched in the gut. The news/alert has not yet been confirmed on the International Adoption- Department of State site, so let’s pray this decision is not set in stone.

Praying for a solution.

Praying for wisdom over the government.

Praying for families who are in the process to bring home their babies.

Praying for the little people who are waiting.

I agree with Tom Davis when he says,  “There are too many orphans waiting for families. While I heartily support alternatives to adoption, simply cutting back by 90 percent will not will these into existence.”

Read Tom’s ARTICLE here and the VOM news article here.


3 thoughts on “Ethiopia to cut adoptions?!?!?

    • thanks Lara-
      Yes, Tom’s article included the VOM article. I Just went back and read AGCI’s newsletter from Friday. Really hoping this doesnt come to fruition…

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