Sound the trumpets!

Call the newspapers!

Evyn has finally decided to crawl!!

Well, kind of. She is more of a “belly scooter”, but man can she  scoot when she wants something (usually meaning whatever Nash has in his hand). But if she doesn’t want it, forget about it! She is happy right on her bum. That’s my girl!

I left the little princess in Waumba Land at church on Sunday for the first time. Up until then, she has been attached to my hip in “big church”. Not gonna lie, I felt such freeeeeeeedom dropping her off knowing she is was in good hands and I would be back to get her in an hour. And of course, she did great and was happy as a clam when I picked her up. (What in the world does that old saying even mean? How happy can a clam be anywho?)

The little lady is just growing up so fast!!

And some EXCITING things to Praise God about and celebrate…

Our friends, the Young Family recieved a referral this week for a baby boy from Ethiopia!! Check out their blog and cheer them on!

The Pearson Family arrived safely home from picking up their baby boy from Ethiopia this week!

Baby Hogan is 11 days strong and such a little fighter! Celebrating each day of life!!


2 thoughts on “Ta-Da!

  1. Waaaay to go Evyn!!!!! Sounds like you and Zuri share the same style of crawling.

    btw – you and I – we share the same ride. Sporting the Odyssey now…..drive it proudly mama. drive it proudly. 🙂


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