Cause tonight’s gonna be a good night!

I love all things pop culture. It’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not proud of it. I’m the girl who stands in the longest grocery check out line ON PURPOSE so I can read People magazine (did I mention I am cheap, too?) I also love cheesey pop music. I admittedly have no musical taste…If I can sing along to it, then I like it. This is all well and good until you have a 2 year old that by default listens to the same music you do as you cruise down the highway. This week we were listening to the local station that plays “today’s hit music” and I look back at Nash and he is fully SINGING ALONG with the Black Eyed Peas. Not my proudest moment! (You know the song…”Tonight’s the night, lets live it up! I got money, lets spend it up!”) Not good people, not good! Not the kind of “quality” lyrics that I want my 2 year old to sing along to, and quite frankly, not the kind of music this 30 year old needs to listen to. So with that, I am here by restricting our music listening to things safe for all ears. Lets just say, I now know all the words to Veggie Tale Silly Songs. Any kid friendly musical recommendations that won’t drive this mama insane are welcome.

Oh the joys of being a mama and getting raise a Godly mob!  I still have a lot to learn!!!

The musical genius himself...rocking out his morning bed-head look!

Sweet boy loving his Dada!

Getting ready to cheer on his beloved Georgia Bulldogs. (and again, some nice bed-head hair going on!)


10 thoughts on “Cause tonight’s gonna be a good night!

  1. A friend of mine said one day her 3 year old was supposedly “napping” but all of the sudden over the monitor she heard:
    “People in the place; if you wanna get down. Put your hand in the air. Will-I-Am – drop the beat now!”
    Guess kiddos just love the Black Eyed Peas!

  2. You need to check out Seeds family Worship

    the entire song is a scripture verse…but many of the songs make you feel like you are listening to james taylor, or dave matthews, or John mayer . I LOVE it. And once you’ve memorized the song, you also memorized a verse.

    And…each cd actually comes with 2 copies. one for you to keep and one to give away.

    I won a whole set of them on a blog last summer. Our favorite are the yellow and green ones.

  3. Hey Emily!
    I like your blog! I just listen to NPR in the car with John (he’s 2 and half) and a lot of times during the day it has classical music and he really likes to pick out the sounds of the violin, piano, etc. It’s like he doesn’t even know that there is junky music out there. I feel like I can tolerate the classical music much more than the kiddie music.

    Just my two cents!
    Kate (Bova) Van Yperen

  4. how am i just now finding your blog? i LOVE it. i can’t wait to catch up on old posts and learn more about your family. they are darling! so fun to “meet” ya!!!!!

  5. i got so excited to find your blog that i forgot to comment on the actual post…
    i am not a fine one to speak on this subject since my son sings “hey soul sister” multiple times a day, but we really like the shout praises kids worship cd series. most kids singing worship songs i can barely stomach, but my husband and i love the way they have kids and adults singing together in these.

    our kids grew up on switchfoot b/c we were too selfish to spend our 12 hour car trips listening to “do you know the muffin man” and such songs.

  6. okay— so as I listen to our Seeds worship this morning I think my claim that it sounds like “john mauer, james taylor, dave matthews” was perhaps a tad overstated. But… a few songs are like that for me. it is adults singing with kids chiming in. And it really is great. you will find yourself singing the songs throughout the day.

  7. The Curious George soundtrack (Jack Johnson) is pretty fun for big and little people.

    Feist, Kings of Convenience, Nickel Creek, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens are all good listening with no bad words and you can still be “cool”.

  8. I have to admit I struggle with the same thing. But my boy doesn’t talk yet. My new favorites? Addison Road, Jeremy Camp, and Francesca Batticelli (?)…good stuff!

  9. Get the UGA Redcoat Band or download songs. Brooks and Lucas love it, and I feel like the most enthusiastic fan when I am listening to Redcoat band music in the middle of the Summer!

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