Never say never.

I’ve been in denial for the past month or so. I haven’t been fully honest with you, my faithful blog readers. A pretty monumental event has happened for our little clan…something I ardently promised would NEVER EVER happen.

Well, never say never.

We bought a…a….MINI-VAN!

Sigh. When I was young and naive and dreamed about getting married and having a family, driving a mini-van was on my “absolutely NEVER” list. But here I am, my pride shattered, crusin’ around in a Honda Odyssey.

Don’t get me wrong. This is what we call a “rich person problem”…complaining about the type of car we “have to drive” when more than 80% of the world doesn’t even have the opportunity to own any car! I am grateful. Really I am! I mean, look at the positive side. Owning a mini-van means our family is growing which is a blessing from the Lord! We were able to buy a used car and pay for it up front which is a huge win for us that would make Dave Ramsey smile (even if it does have bubble gum stains from the previous owners…no doubt it will blend into the many stains we provide this car over the coming years!). And the automatic sliding doors are a nice feature. It’s just tough for me to admit that I AM, in fact, a mini-van driving mama now! It so doesn’t fit me! But alas, though I have entered this new season of life kicking and screaming, I will absolutely refuse to allow a piece of machinery define who I am. At the end of the day I am just super grateful to have a great van to carry these two cutie-pie faces around town in…

In order to get the van we had to say goodbye to out sweet Passat that I have driven for the past 7 years. We sold it on Craigs List and it was gone before I could say a proper goodbye (I can be very sentimental). So without further adieu, here is a very serious farewell ode to my little black Passat:

Dear little car: We are at a fork in the road and you and I must head in opposite directions. But before you drive away let me share some parting words. You were the first car we ever owned. You carried us to and from so many amazing memories and life changing moments that I will treasure forever. You were always there for us. You carried us home from our honeymoon to our first home. You were there on my first day of work…and on my last. You and I made some beautiful music together singing at the top of our lungs down the interstate and long winding roads. We tore up the East Coast, you and I. You were my accomplice in receiving more tickets than I want to admit…but man those were good times and you were so fun to drive! You were there, with windows rolled down and the summer air pouring in on nights when I just needed to drive. You greeted us outside the hospital when we brought our first baby home, then again at the airport you quietly waited for us to come home with Evyn in our arms. You were such a good little car. I apologize for not washing you more…you were always filthy! I’m sorry about the Cheerios and gold-fish that got trapped between your seat cushions. I’m sorry for the missing hubcaps…you never would keep them on! But more than anything, I’m just sorry we have to part ways. It’s not you, it’s us. You were great in every way, you just were not big enough for our growing family. Please don’t take it personally. I hope your new owner loves you just as much as I did. I also hope he washes and cleans you like you deserve. Drive on little car and remember…life is a highway…ride it all night long!

Love always.


7 thoughts on “Never say never.

  1. Oh, Emily, we have a van, too. A Sienna. I used to call it the soul-crusher when we first got it (in August) for a lot of the same reasons… I like it ok now, but I don’t LOVE it, as I did my first car… A VW Beetle. A red one. I loved, loved, LOVED that car. But it was not pratical for one child let alone two… So on to a mini van. We looked at a lot of options, but like you, the van was the best choice for us. And, well, there are a few seats in the back that need filling in a few years!

  2. we bought our first van this past fall (it is also a honda odyssey) and it was really difficult for me. I had also driven my car for 7 years. I had a mitsubishi lancer. it was hard letting it go and i still miss it 🙂 but I guess its just part of a growing family! going from 2 kids to 4 in 6 months makes us have to switch to the mini van! so yes having a mini van just allows you to fill it with more kids.

  3. I’m where you were…I don’t ever want a mini-van! My family never had one, so I want to follow in their footsteps! We’ll see how long that lasts when we have kids, though 😉

  4. i’ll never forget the passat straddling two (yes two) concrete bumper stops in a motel parking lot in PCB circa summer 2002. being woken up by Bryson to help resolve the ‘issue’ so you newly weds could have a breakfast date is by far my favorite memory of that car.
    enjoy the mini-v. we’ve become big fans of ours. it’s no ferrari, but i’ll quote ferris bueller anyway re: my appreciation for the odyssey: “it is so choice. if you have the means, i highly recommend picking one up.”
    i love you guys!

    • Ha! Jimbo, that just made me laugh out loud!! I too will never forget that “issue” we had!! Hilarious!

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