Nash’s first haircut!

Let’s face it, Nash didn’t really even grow hair until after his 1st birthday, but finally at 2.5 years old it was time to call in the professionals and get the boy a haircut. His hair was getting out of control and far too many strangers had referred to him in public as a “girl” (really people? He is soooo boy!) so I held back my tears and we made the first visit to the barber (okay, it was totally a salon.) Since this was his first cut, we splurged and went to a special kids salon in Atlanta. It was a great experience! Cool seats, play room while you wait, movies playing at each haircut station, fast + excellent stylist, and even a treasure treat at the end of the cut! Nash did great! I was so proud of my little, handsome man!

Check out some pictures of our experience…

Brushing out his hair and getting ready for the cut. It was long when it was brushed out!


the super fun airplane seat!

the first clip!

fully engaged in the movie...I don't think he even noticed he was getting his hair cut!


What a fun haircut experience! How come grown-ups don't get to watch movies during our haircuts?

Proud of his new doo! (I kept the style shaggy, but I promise the stylist cut a 1/2 inch off!!)

Relaxing after a long day...


3 thoughts on “Nash’s first haircut!

  1. Hi! I found your blog through Rebecca Miller’s (we went to high school together), and just wanted to say hello! My family also lives near Atlanta. Your children are beautiful…congratulations on the addition of your sweet Evyn!

  2. How cute!

    I had the opposite problem when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I was about 4 that my hair really started to grow, and people would think I was a boy… I remember one time I was with my mom somewhere, and someone commented on her little boy… I was wearing a skirt (pink and ruffly!!)

  3. I really enjoy all of your posts–it’s so fun to see how your sweet children are doing and to hear how you guys are as well!! That haircut looks like fun–kinda wish they had that for adults–I’d like to watch a movie while I’m getting my hair done!! Hope y’all are doing well!! -Libby (from Road Crew)

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