I love siblings! It has been awesome to watch Nash transition into his role as big brother. He has really surprised me with the way he loves and adores Evyn. It’s amazing to see what a big guy he is now that there is a new little person in the house. I think it is such an amazing blessing to grow up with siblings. So grateful that Nash has a sister to love and Evyn has a brother to adore. Reminded today of God’s perfect goodness in our lives.

Nash always loves holding Evyn

and giving her lots of sqeezin'

and being just plain silly!

evyn working out...

sweet + silly girl!


4 thoughts on “Siblings…

  1. beautiful pictures of sweet joy! I love seeing pictures and hearing your stories from day to day. (and… that little lady is LIMBER!)

  2. hey emily!!! your sweet pea is super duper flexible! my goodness!!! She’s going to be a gymnast for something…..

    your kiddos together are darling – I’m feeling the blessing of siblings for our kiddos too. amazing to watch them all together.

    ok….so hearing that evyn has little bouts of crying helps me some. thanks for sharing. and to know too that we’re not the only ones struggling with cacooning. let’s suck at it together! ha! 🙂

    it’s great catching up finally! we think of you guys often! thanks goodness for blogs!


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