a sweet gift…

For the past year I have loved and worn this necklace every day as a reminder to pray for our daughter who was some 7,000 miles away.

necklace (Junk Posse on Etsy)

evyn liked the necklace from the day we met.

Now that she is in our arms I am retiring the necklace to her hope chest so she can have it when she is older. For my birthday Nash and Evyn (and their amazing dad) got me a new necklace to replace it:

opening my gift from the kids

The necklace has 2 of the sweetest charms that look like wax seals with an N for Nash and an E for Evyn. I just adore these simple little charms and will wear them proudly! Thanks kids, I love it!

my new necklace.


4 thoughts on “a sweet gift…

  1. That’s so sweet. I love it.

    And the blanket E is wrapped up in in the picture. Is that a HH blanket? If so, it is the one R was in when we got her referral. When we got to ET and met her for the first time, it was the one that a special mother handed to me to cover her with when she fell asleep in my arms. I saw it again a few times this 2nd trip, too!

    If it’s not a HH blanket, never mind.

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