From the Beginning. Oregon 2012

Atlanta to Portland. Bryson prepping the kids for the trip ahead. A perk to Bryson traveling so much is spending a few minutes raising havoc in the Sky Club. Thanks for the muffins and snacks. Sorry about the mess.

Bryson was born in Oregon City, Oregon just outside Portland. Much of his extend family still lives in the area, including his grandparents, so we decided to head out west for a visit this summer. It’s been over 3 years since we last visited so we are excited to bring the kids out and show them Oregon. We had an awesome time hopping around to Portland, the coast, Mt. Hood and everything in between. Oregon’s cool summer was also a welcomed change from Hotlanta’s 100+ degree temperatures. So, so nice.

The kids were so excited about flying on the plane.  **Meyer wears that Hello Kitty necklace almost every day. Finds it and puts it on each morning by herself. Funny baby.

The purpose of our trip: spending some time with these two special people, Bryson’s grandparents, Betty and Vern.

Evyn is such a little cuddle bug and let Vern hold her and answered all his questions. at one point he said, “Her hair is fluffy. I like it.”


Betty lives in a great little Senior Citizens Community so our crew stayed in the guest apartment during part of our stay.  You should have seen our crazy kids running up and down the hall way with all the old people! Thankfully most of the folks are a bit hard of hearing so when my kids were yelling and squealing up and down the halls they would just smile at us! It was pretty hilarious! I’m glad they put up with us…but I wouldn’t be surprised if they change the rules to “no children allowed” after our visit. We can be a bit of a circus act at times! Full of life and energy! 🙂

What my kids loved best about “our apartment”(as Nash called it) was how there were little tables outside each door in the hallway decorated with little trinkets….like fake flowers, 4th of July holiday plates, framed cross stitch sayings, photos of relatives, little glass angels, etc. My kids were facinated with the little treasures on display.There were also endless bowls of candy just within reach of their little hands. My kids LOVED this and thought it was Halloween! One particular door along the hall had a battery operated kitty cat that looked like it was curled up sleeping. Meyer and Evyn, though concerned that the kitty was ALWAYS asleep, LOVED stopping to pet, speak to, and kiss the cat every single time we passed by. Needless to say, it took us several minutes to make our way to our room each time. We had a great stay and hopefully we brought a few smiles to some of Betty’s friends living in the community.

Meyer and the beloved kitty.

The girls loving on the fake cat. That kitty got a lot of love this week.


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