An Oregon Fourth of July

We spent the morning of the Fourth of July at the End of the Oregon Trail Museum (that was for you, mom.) and on a trolley ride around Oregon City. It’s always good to squeeze a little educational “fun” into your vacation.

Thumbs up for the end of the Oregon Trail. This one’s for you, Marmi!

Mom, do I really have to wear this bonnet. Yes.

Making a dipped candle…

On the trolley ride…with old fashioned candy sticks. There is really nothing special to see in Oregon City…but the trolley was free and the kids thought it was fun…and we had a few hours to kill, so why not?! The candy sticks where good, though.

serious about their candy.

Fish face by the Willamette River

The second half of our day was spent with family at Bryson’s aunt and uncle’s home. They have a beautiful piece of land and know how to host a fun party. Tons of people, volley ball, skeet shooting, fired turkey, hot homemade french fries (yes!!), covered dish heaven, creek playing, treehouse climbing, family and fireworks. The kids had a blast!


Evyn and her new besties: “ollie and jessica”

Bryson and his mini-me. Nash LOVED LOVED LOVED playing Volleyball. I don’t think he hit the ball once, but still thought he was the VIP of the game. This was among the highlights of his entire week in Oregon! It’s amazing how something so small can make such a big impact on a kid.

Up for a serve.

Action shot. Um, someone is competitive.

Cousins, spouses, and kids.

My Aunt Sandy showed me some old photos of Bryson and his cousins from when they were little. This pic is of Bryson’s cousin, Andrea. I couldn’t believe how much Meyer resembles her. I guess thats the Reynolds coming out in Meyer!


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