Fires on the beach

The Oregon coast has won my heart. There I go sounding like my mother! She LOVES Oregon and always dreamed of moving here. But she is right (as usual). The coast is beautiful! We spent a few days at Bryson’s grandparents beach cabin on Rockaway Beach. It is like stepping back in time. The cabin is stocked with all the same old cups, plates, blankets and tupperware salt and pepper shakers that Bryson remembers using as a kid some 25 years ago. It is cabin perfection. Full of nostaglia and ready to make new memories.

What I love about the beach in Oregon is, it’s cold. A no-swimsuit-needed beach…yes! 🙂 No, it’s not a nudist beach…its just way too cold (even in July!) to wear a swimsuit! Throw on your your newly purchased sweatshirt from the nearby beach town and head to the beach. It’s perfect weather for building sandcastles, kite flying and seashell collecting. No sweating, no sun burning, no melting away in the sun! But best of all is campfires on the beach as the sun goes slowly down. I love fires on the beach! Bryson and I made a fire on the beach with Nash and he loved it as much as I do! What’s not to love?!

Sticky S’mores…

cooking the perfect s’more.



Deep talks with mom.

Low tide silliness.


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