Here we go again…

Just stopped taping boxes to say hello to my faithful readers who are for sure wondering where I have fallen off to again. It’s been yet another whirlwind month in the land of Vogeltanz. Here’s a quick recap to bring you up to speed…

  • settle in to new area, new friends, new church, new work, new life.
  • plan for Passion Ft. Worth (This pretty much consumes all  brain cells.)
  • get locked inside hotel room (yes, INSIDE hotel room and miss my flight home.)
  • have root canal on my tooth. (not sure what was more painful: 1. the root canal or 2. how much it cost w/ no dental insurance! ouch!)
  • Fly to Texas for a week for Passion Ft. Worth. (AMAZING! More on that next post!)
  • close on new house
  • pack up rental (I CAN NOT BE MORE HAPPY ABOUT MOVING!!! So long townhouse!)

And that brings us to today. We are finishing packing up today, movers come tomorrow, and we will be sleeping in our house tomorrow night! So SO happy. I’ve determined I am not a good gypsy. I don’t thrive in “temporary” living situations. I need to nest. I need my stuff. I need order. I need to set down my roots and BE. The past 3 months have not been terrible by any means, but if I had to wait much longer to move into our “permanent” (though, nothing in this world is permanent) home I am afraid I was headed for some dark days of depression! Ah, but the light at the end of the tunnel is here! Now, off to finish packing. I’ll post pictures and more details soon. I promise.


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