Gobble Gobble

No baby yet…but did you know there is an iPhone app that keeps track of counting contractions for you! Yep, “There’s an app for that”.

I love Thanksgiving. We had a very laid back day with Mimi and Pop Pop. Just a simple Thanksgiving which was nice and much needed. There is much to be thankful for around here!

Dinner with Mimi and Pop Pop

classic Evyn look. So serious! I can't get her to smile for a picture!

always silly Nash.

Nash smiling at the camera...I must document this moment!

Evyn's first Thanksgiving! Delish! "No pictures please, I'm busy eating.

More turkey please....

I'm a big turkey. Not my best picture, but just for the sake of keeping track, here I am on Thanksgiving 2011 awaiting the arrival of baby 3.

Last year on Thanksgiving, Bryson and I were in Mumbai, India. I think we ate Burger King for dinner that night, but we didn’t care…we were on cloud nine because our caseworker sent us word that we had PASSED COURT and Evyn was officially our daughter. That’s a Thanksgiving I will never forget!! My oh my what a year it has been!!!



3 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. WHAT a BELLY! Ahh, I LOVE it! Mine never got that big. But WAIT! Before you hate me – I was sick and puking for nine months and I always WISHED I would get a belly that big!!! My mom always had big bellies…maybe my next pregnancy! =) God willing…of course!

    Love that Evyn enjoyed her THanksgiving meal so much! My little man is not so much a fan…but he’s got that serious face so often too it makes me laugh!

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