Baby has arrived!!


November 26, 2010 | 6:42am

7lbs 13oz

Welcome to the world baby girl. How surreal to have you laying beside me as I type. It’s been quite a morning! You woke me up at about 2am with strong contractions. My water broke around 4:30am and your dad rushed us to the hospital. About 2 hours of intense contractions, 4 big pushes and by 6:45am you were in my arms. I have another GIRL!! I’m still in shock, but so in love. Bring on the BOWS!! 🙂 You look EXACTLY like your brother! Simply precious. Here is the meaning of your name and why we choose it:

Meyer: Hebrew for “Shine”, “Bright One”, “The one who leads and illuminates”. This is our prayer for you little one. That you would lead the way and SHINE brightly for the name and glory of Jesus.

Ann: This is your sweet Mimi’s middle name. What an honor to share this name with her. Oh how she loves you already!

Your big brother Nash and sister Evyn were SOOOO excited to meet you!!

Love you baby girl. Welcome to the world little one!!


31 thoughts on “Baby has arrived!!

  1. Emily you and the baby are beautiful! You look great. The pics with the kids are adorable and brought me to tears. Your family is beautiful and inspirational to so many. I can’t wait to meet sweet little Meyer ann and see you! Praying for the vogletanz’s

  2. Your family certainly does have a thing for Thanksgiving! This holiday will forever bring such wonderful memories for you… Congratulations, and welcome Meyer! You couldn’t have been born into a more awesome family!

  3. Congratulations Emily. Meyer is beautiful! I was only 3 hours off 🙂 So happy for you all Emily. Love our little turkeys!

  4. A Thanksgiving blessing! How wonderful! So excited for you and your family Emily! Meyer is just beautiful and looks like Nash and Evyn are doing a great job at loving her to pieces =)

  5. We are SO happy for you guys. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the name! Em, you look SO pretty- way too pretty to have just had a baby. Just looks like any normal day in Vogeltanz land. Charles and I are so excited. Welcome to the world baby Meyer.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! She is PRECIOUS!!! And I love her name! Welcome to the world, Miss Meyer!! You are so beautiful!! Congratulations! What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing!!

  7. Oh, Emily!! She is so PRECIOUS!!! And I love her name!! Welcome to the world, Miss Meyer! You are so beautiful! Congratulations to ya’ll! What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing!!

  8. Congratulations!! Welcome to the awesome, amazing world of three kiddos! You’ll love it and be great at it! By the way, it is ridiculous how stunning you are in these pictures!

  9. i am so proud you posted! i have been itching for more details since your text!
    what a precious thanksgiving story- and you have those wonderful pictures to document. i love that.
    her name is perfect and so fitting. do i need to ask Brent to change jobs, me get a job, and put my house on the market in order to look as gorgeous pregnant as you?
    geez louiseeeeee!
    i am hoping i will have a labor like yours– please God!
    especially since your doula is retiring- i was gonna call her! eek!
    love u all and can’t wait to see her. again- thanks so much for posting it’s such a blessing to see the pics.

  10. Congratulations!! She is beautiful and therefore fits right into the Vogeltanz family! I have plenty of room for FIVE, so anytime you need a place to stay in Atlanta until the move is complete, COME ON!!

  11. She’s beautiful. And what a special name. Favorite picture is you holding her in your arms looking up at Bryson–you are both just beaming–love it. Looking forward to meeting sweet Meyer.

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