So here is what you missed…

The kids did GREAT while I was away. I’m so grateful for Mimi & Pop Pop who now live in our town and LOVE to care for our kiddos when we need a hand. It’s a really big blessing in our life. I was uncertain how Evyn was going to to do when she saw me after being gone for a week, but she didn’t miss a beat and came right to me happily. Whew!

Since I have been sick in bed this week my camera is gathering dust. So here are a few pictures of the kids during their time with Mimi & Pop Pop.

Most days were filled with fun at the pool, laughter, and silliness….

On not so exciting days, activities included watching the washer spin…

perfecting the art of proper teeth brushing skills…

and reading up on fat grams and calories over a hearty lunch…

Dad was busy too. He completed his 2nd marathon! He flew up to Minneapolis and hung out with his sister and her family. Here he is at the end of the race with our adorable nephews who met him at the finish line…

I am really, really proud of Bryson! He will be running his third race in just 6 weeks in San Francisco! I’ll be at the finish line cheering him on that time!


3 thoughts on “So here is what you missed…

  1. So glad you are home safe to your sweet family! Hoping you feel better soon! Love those cute pics! Looks like they were well taken care of while you were gone! 🙂

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