What’s up Doc?

We had Evyn’s initial Doctors appointment this past week. She seems to be a healthy girl and weighed in at 19lbs launching her into the 90th percentile. She fits right in as a Vogeltanz! Evyn has had some wheezing since we met her, so the doc put her on a breathing treatment and it seems to have helped a lot already. We went back to the doctor again this week to catch Evyn up on her shots. Oh how I hate holding down a baby to get shots!

In the waiting room...no clue what is ahead. dum-de-dum-dum-dum!

The post shots sad face. Oh, so so sad!

showing off her bandaids. tough girl!


3 thoughts on “What’s up Doc?

  1. My Mekele and your Evyn are a match made in Heaven! Both in the 90% for weight, and weighing in a pound heavier at 20 pounds! He also came home, had to have a few breathing treatments at the dr’s office, was told that he had a mild case of RSV, but is better now! 🙂 He went to hold him down for bloodwork, and surprisingly, he smiled and coo’ed the whole time!! They are both sure tough little cuties!

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