Hello Thirties!

It’s the big THREE ZERO for me today!

Happy Birthday, me!

I am so happy to be entering this amazing new season of life and welcome the thrities with open arms. Bring on the adventure! The alternative is being dead, so I will happily grow old and never snub my nose at any age I enter. Wow, the first thirty years of my life have been amazing. Praise God for each amazing year I have had! I can not wait to see what is in store for my next thirty years.

Walk with me now down memory lane…

That’s just a tiny snap shot of some of the wonderful experiences my life has brought me so far. From growing up in an amazing family…to unbelievable fun days in college…to meeting the love of my life and growing our family…to serving amazing ministires…and to seeing and loving the world. If this is just the beginning…I can not wait to see what is next!


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