Nash turns 1


Here is a play-by-play of our more than exhausting week building up to Nash’s Birthday which is officially August 24th.

1. With the turning of 1 year comes the turning of the car seat. Nash can sit facing forward and is enjoying the new view thoroughly!

2. Next on the agenda is a shopping trip to Target to pick out his first birthday gift. We finally settled on wooden stacking rings…fun for years to come! 🙂

3. Then, Mimi and Granpop came to town. Now the fun (and spoiling) really begins!

4. Mimi gets Nash a pair of running shoes, which he does more wobbling than running in!

5. Test out the new “frat-tastic” shoes. They seem to work well!

6. Show off the shoes a bit more. Lookin’ good kid.

7. Get ready for the festivities. Mom feels crafty and makes an official Happy Birthday sign.

8. Get the cakes ready (this is a top priority for dad who LOVES cake).

9. make a special cake for Nash…

10. Put your party hats on…

11. Dig in!

12. Nash’s first cake…and well, first sugar really was very much enjoyed. (Although he did cry during the singing of Happy Birthday.)

13. Enjoy the party! Well, it looks like mom is enjoying the party and Nash is just curious when it will all be over.

14. Cling to mom.

15. Next up…opening presents!

16. And playing with the balloons! The highlight of the party!

17. Lastly, a big kiss from mom who is convinced she has the most wonderful little boy in the world. Thank you God for an amazing first year of parenthood and for the life of little Nash Vogeltanz


7 thoughts on “Nash turns 1

  1. aw, em those look great. cake(s)!!! that’s impressive!
    really sad i din’t get your text til today….
    you look so pretty in the pics too! much to be proud of on your baby’s bid day!
    great sign too!

  2. Happy B’day Nash, congrats Emily! I’m sure this birthday was a lot less painful for you then last year’s.

    On another note, we’re planning on dropping down to Ikea in ATL for kitchen cabinets in September, maybe the second weekend. Want to meet up? If I remember correctly, it doesn’t take much to get you to Ikea. Maybe we could have lunch or something, so let me know.

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