I now pronounce you TODDLER…

It’s official. Our baby is a baby no more. He’s a walkin’, talkin’, fun lovin’, hard chargin’, shoe wearin’, all or nothin’, bonafide TODDLER. I still can’t believe that Nash chose the week Bryson and I were in Indonesia to learn to walk. What are the odds? Thankfully we experienced his first few steps before we left, but when we returned he was a full on walking machine! This changes everything. He is all over the place and it is so much fun! He laughs hysterically when he walks (because it is just sooo much fun!), but in an instant, all fun comes to a shrieking halt when he tumbles over his little feet and does a face plant on the hard wood floor. Ouch.  We have accumulated quite a few battle wounds this week, but that doesn’t seem to slow Nash down. 

It’s so good to be home! Here are some pictures from our week (so far). Be on the look out for a new video of Nash coming later this week! 


Buddies for life. Nash misses his friend Xavier. They had a great week together. 

Bath time fun!

Napping with Marmi…

Belly Laugh…this kid loves to laugh. 

Xavier playing with blocks…

Yep, a walkin’ toddler!

Nashs’ first pair of real shoes…

Eating 101…choose wisely, laugh, & enjoy!



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