Get to know Nash Vogeltanz…

Here’s the current 411 on our man Nash…

  • Name: Nash Allen Vogeltanz
  • Name Origin Factoid: Did you know that my middle name comes from my awesome “Obi” (aka: grandpa) Allen Hill…and 2 of my cousins also have honor of having Allen as their middle name!
  • Age: 9.2 months
  • Current Weight/Height: 24lbs/30.25 inches (in other words, I’m big! Doc says I am the size of a 15 month old! And I am already wearing 12-18 month old clothes…and they are getting tight!)
  • Favorite Hobbies: Laughing at Dad, chewing on my socks, dancing to mom’s silly songs and trying to walk as I push the laundry basket around the house.
  • Favorite Book: Pat the Bunny…It is very interactive and keeps my attention!
  • Favorite Toys: wooden blocks, any ball and any kitchen utensil mom will let me play with!
  • Favorite Color: I dont really know what colors are yet, but mom says I look good in natural colors like brown and navy blue really brings out my eyes.
  • Best Tricks: I can wave Bye Bye on cue! (well, most of the time!)
  • I get really excited when…: Mom and I go outside, when dad comes home from work, bath time, and playing chase!
  • Other Notable Traits: I am a very happy baby, I love to pick up things and tear apart magazines, I have 2…count ’em 2 teeth, I enjoy sucking my 2 middle fingers, and it looks like I am getting red hair (not much yet though!)

Rub-a-dub-dub Havin’ Fun In The Tub…


3 thoughts on “Get to know Nash Vogeltanz…

  1. Lara…thanks for the laundry basket tip! It has been a BIG hit around here! why spend good money on real toys when kids just love playing with stuff around the house! 🙂

  2. I love this post!! Cute pictures. Hey, we need to go walking for sure with the babes!! Let me know what days are good for you and we can start!!! I know you said Nash takes a nap early in the morning. Maybe we can go after that before it gets to warm.
    Ugggh, this heat has been crazy hot!!!!

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