Only on a baby blog could you get away with a title like that! 🙂

I am trying my best to round up all my creative energy to make an interesting post, but I’m just pooped. It’s been a long day…not sure why…just one of those days I guess. Nash had his vaccines yesterday causing him to be quite cranky and fevered last night and today…and making mama a bit cranky too if I am honest. Yeah, a cranky baby can really drain you sometimes. Or maybe its just the let down everyone has after a holiday weekend? Regardless, it’s all part of the joys of motherhood! So I will dig deep and conjure up some joy! But hey, the week wasnt all bad…here are some pictures of some fun and happy moments!


See, here is a happy moment after bath time…

and a not so happy one after his shots…

Nash has a love for all things paper…

And adores a good book…or two…or three…or as many as he can find at once!

oh, and another happy moment. My sister just sent me this picture that she took when I was reunited with Nash after my recent trip to Indonesia. It made me tear up when I saw it…what a precious moment that was!


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