On a Rainy, gloomy day like today…

It’s a rainy, gloomy day in Athens today…the kind of day you just want to

hide under your covers until noon. But I guess Nash didn’t get the memo because,

like clock-work, he was up talking and playing at 7am waiting for mama to pull

herself out of her cozy bed and rescue him from his crib. Nash has been on a schedule from

the day we brought him home from the hospital and we have LOVED it! But there have

been a few days…like today…where I wished that maybe he would just decide to sleep

in a little later than usual. The great thing about Nash is that he is very patient in the mornings

and rarely wakes up crying but will just play in his crib…as if he knows I will be

coming through the door any moment and greets me with a massive smile! It surprises me every morning!

I am so grateful that Nash helps me start the mornings off happy…even on rainy, gloomy days

like today.


Speaking of Mr. Happy….


Cloud 9…


Nash enjoys time with his Dad…and boy does Nash love his daddy!!




Every kid loves riding the horse (aka: daddy’s bouncing knee)


Nash works on holding his bottle…


Then awaits the rest of his meal…


Nash also enjoys relaxing in his recliner….



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