Top 5 of the week

5. Nash can drink out of a real cup! It’s a little messy but a whole lot of fun

4. We made a visit to a doctor to see about getting Nash’s tongue clipped. 😦 He will have the procedure done in April.

3. Rollin’ rollin…the boy loves to roll and wiggle! He is always on the move…He should be crawling soon!

2. Nash giggles and laughs all the time…it’s hilarious! He really is such a happy baby!

1. We went to the Georgia vs. Florida basketball game


Nash at the Basketball game…he even made it on TV!

UGA couldn’t beat the Gators, but Nash can show them how it’s done!


Nash “hangs out” with dad…


Eating got a little out of hand…


All this fun makes the little guy exhausted…


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