How did these 2 kids get to be so big!? They seem like giants now that there is a new baby in town…

Evyn is so proud of herself now that she can sit at the counter with her big brother!

and what a sweet big brother he has been! Here he is hanging out with Meyer. He wanted her to sit and watch a special show with him. I think they enjoyed each other’s company. Nash talked to her the entire time, filling her in on the show details! Hilarious boy.

Check out this crazy hair! (and I love that she is wearing her big bro’s hand-me-down truck pj’s!). Evyn’s hair is getting really long and so this mama is having to learn how to do it each morning…or else it looks like this:

uh oh, looks like we are going to have another little person who sucks their fingers. We are still trying to get Nash to stop. Any suggestions how to get a 3 year old to stop sucking his fingers?? He started when he was just a few weeks old and hasn’t looked back!

That’s all for now! Happy Tuesday dear blog world.


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  1. Emily, your kiddos are beautiful!! I vistied with Kristen the other day, she lives right down the street from me here in NC and she told me I had to check your blog out! Hello to you and Bryson! 🙂 Sommer

  2. Love these pics! I remember thinking how big my older ones seemed when baby Caty arrived! And Carson used to suck his thumb, so we painted all his fingernails with this awful tasting stuff called Mavala Stop…it worked!!

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