Here we go!  The new adventure has officially begun for the V-tanz clan!

2 weeks ago: Bryson’s last day working at Athens Church. Bittersweet. It has been such an amazing work environment and church home to us for the past 6 years. While we wait to transition to Atlanta full time it will remain our church home…so we don’t really have to say the BIG goodbye quite yet.

Saturday: Offically put our house on the market. I might have cried. I love my house. I thought we would grow old here. But one day when I look at the face of God I don’t want my story to be that I didn’t follow His calling because I liked my house too much to move. That would be a lame excuse for missing out on one of His amazing adventures. So on the market our house goes…and now we trust Him to provide a buyer!

Sunday: My husband attended church with me for the first time in 6 years. That’s a funny sentence…my husband is a pastor! 🙂 But you fellow pastor’s wives know how it is. For the past 6 years Bryson has rolled out of bed by 4:30am and headed to church to get everything set up for the day (we meet in a rented facility) and  I’ve always gotten the kids ready and gone to church on my own and met Bryson there. This morning was Bryson’s first morning not a pastor at Athens Church. It was strange to have our  routine be a little different and have him ride to and from church with us. But, selfishly, I was grateful to have him home because I’m too pregnant to bend over and put my boots on by myself, so it was nice to have some fashion help! 🙂

Monday: Tomorrow will be Bryson’s first day on the new job! I believe in you Bryson! I’m excited for you! I am so very grateful for the way you lead our family so well.

Let the new adventure begin! God give us grace and patience through this phase of commuting, transition, moving, and craziness as we discover and define our new norm.

Visiting Dad on his last day of work at Athens Church.

House on the market!

God, continue to lead us...step by step in this process. We trust You and follow You alone.



3 thoughts on “Change.

  1. I am so excited for ya’ll and this new adventure that God is leading you on! And as a pastor’s wife, I totally “get this” about going to church by yourself all the time! 🙂

  2. Praying for a buyer for your house! Looking forward to having you here in atlanta!! Maybe K and I can come for a visit sometime in November before the baby?

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