Little Life Lessons

We are in the process of weaning Evyn from her bottle. She is down to just one bottle in the evening and when she sees us getting it ready she goes absolutely crazy-excited. Today, Evyn spotted a toy bottle across the room and thinking it was a “real” bottle, crawled full force super fast to the bottle and scooped it up. Her disappointment upon realizing it was “a fake” was a little sad and pathetic…(yet really funny watching her little face process that it was not real). Sorry baby girl! Life lesson #1,286: Sometimes things just aren’t what they seem. But what matters most is how we choose to respond.

"Yes! A bottle!! It's a little smaller than I'm used to, but I'll take it!"

"Chug, chug! Wait, where's the milk? Why isn't this thing working?"

"AHHH! It's a fraud! So not fair!!"

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