Miss you like crazy!

I’m missing the kids like crazy…but the good news is they don’t seem to be missing a beat without me home. Mimi and Pop Pop are treating them to a fabulous time! So grateful for wonderful family!

swing time is fun time.

feeding the ducks!

Nash making his fake "cheese" smile and Evyn apparently annoyed with the pictures

classic Evyn look..."like, really, you are taking my picture again?"

On a walk with Pop Pop.

Meanwhile, Bryson just headed to Minneapolis and is gearing up for his full marathon tomorrow! So so proud of him!! Run baby run!

Well, that’s all for now! Good night from Hong Kong!


4 thoughts on “Miss you like crazy!

  1. emily, Evan looks exactly like you when you are puzzled or annoyed! Just another one of God’s confirmations. Can’t wait to hear about Hong Kong!!!!


  2. Dear Emily, I’m helping a family with their T shirt fundraiser on my blog and I stumbled on your adoption + Gotcha Day video!!!!!!!! WOW!! I loved your story and wanted to ask you permission to showcase it on my blog? I added it to my video feature, but wanted to see if I could use a photo of your family or daughter for the thumbnail. Is that OK? I would love for you to come over and take a peek at my adoption website/blog- if you think I’m crazy enough, please feel free to add my button or site on your roll. Thanks so much for sharing your Gotcha Day and inspiring others!!!

    • absolutely! I’d be honored. Thanks for sharing our story and look forward to learning more about your story!

  3. Hey Girl. Thanks again for everything. Praying you are home safely and reunited with your precious family. And that the jet lag is not too bad!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

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