Hair & Highchairs

Yikes, my first attempt at doing Evyn’s hair was way more difficult than I thought. Hmmm, the good news is that her hair needs to grow out a bit more so that gives me some more time to study up!

only managed to get one little poof on the top of her head. And she didn't seem too pleased about it.

But check out the big girl in her big girl high chair (this chair, by the way, has been in the Vogeltanz family for more than 70 years! Every male in the family has used it for 3 generations! I just love it!)…

I'm a big girl!

My sister, Livvy, made fun of me that I still had my first baby (Nash!) using the chair…she said he was too big, but I just didn’t want to believe it! But she was right though…here is Nash the last day he used the highchair…

This picture makes me laugh now! He looks like a giant in that high chair!!


5 thoughts on “Hair & Highchairs

  1. Ha… I do believe that Evyn and Maeve would be best of buds… it would appear they view life similarly… eat lots, and, why bother figuring out how to crawl when someone will eventually pick you up and carry you to where you want to go… crawling seems like exercise, anyway.

  2. How does she not slide through? We had a friend give us an old highchair and it even has a strap in the crotch, but Helen still slides down. I think she is so used to her “contoured highchair” — we have the Fisher Price space saver and i LOVE it …but I really wanted this wooden beauty to work. Need to work with her on it… i just am so worried to walk away from her, where the other one I feel fine walking away for a minute.

    • It’s not shown in this picture but we made a cloth cover that hooks over the back of the chair, under the baby’s bum, up between her legs then ties around her belly and the back of the chair to keep her from sliding through. it’s a really easy design and sewing project. I’ll take a picture and email it to you.

  3. Great pictures… Nash does look like a giant in the chair compared to Evyn!

    The hair– yes it is a challenge, but you’ll get the hang of it. I think it looks cute!

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