Day Four.

“What’s up Blog-world friends?”

Another laid back day in Ethiopia. Evyn’s personality is coming out more and more with each day and bringing us so much JOY! We are praising God that she is responding and attaching to us so well. Thank you for praying with + for us! She seems to recognize our voices, laughs and smiles at us, and even started babbling today (and apparently has a lot to say!). She really seems like she is opening up and trusting us. This is a huge answer to prayer. Evyn is also starting to show us some of her tricks like rolling over from front to back and back to front (she was holding out on us the first few days!) She also started saying “dada” today…though we are pretty sure she doesn’t connect the word with who Bryson is, we will celebrate it none-the-less! She truly does have a sweet spirit and is simply adorable. We are in love with her fat cheeks and beautiful eyes!

Today when she woke up from her nap, she was so happy to see us waiting for her…

“Well, hello!”

“Pure joy!”

Today, our final paperwork from the Embassy was issued to us…it’s official! “This adoption is final. No givebacks” as they told us at the Embassy! Seriously, they said that to us!

“Proud to be an Ethiopian…and American.”

Proud mama.

Lastly, our awesome group families celebrated at a cultural Ethiopian restaurant. Though I’m not a fan of the taste of the food, I love how beautiful it looks when it comes to the table. So colorful!

Ethiopian food.

All in all, just another day in paradise with our precious new addition!

***If you would like to come see us at the airport, we will be arriving from DC to ATL on January 1 around 2:30pm.


19 thoughts on “Day Four.

  1. And it was fun to be at Passion today for set up! It looks awesome and they are working so hard! You set them up for success and it is going to be awesome! You have the best team in world!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you (Emily) and Evyn. You both look so beautiful. I’m so glad she’s bonding. Looks like one happy child to me!!

  3. Nash can’t wait to play with his baby sister!!!He gets the biggest smile on his face when he looks at the pics…he cradles his arms and says baby!! We have been having fun times and he has had lots and lots of loves!!CAn’t wait to look in those beautiful eyes!!!Love from Nash and Mimi(oh poppop too:)

  4. Evyn is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the pictures and letting us share in these precious moments in your life via the blog. I keep crying every time I read your updates. I check it at least four times a day to see if there are any more pics or news. It is all so amazing. God is amazing and has blessed you so richly 🙂 Wish we could be there to greet you in ATL. But our love and prayers are with you and we’ll see you all very soon. Praying you home!

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  5. Evyn looked so happy waking up to see you guys again! That’s a great sign, huh?! Emily, you look totally & completely IN LOVE in your picture with Evyn! And, reading your updates…I’m falling in love with Evyn, too! Can’t wait to meet her!!<3

  6. LOVE how she is taking to you guys!! This sounds SO much like Mekele’s Day 4, the babbling, the “da-da”, the rolling over, the smiling!! I expect that you are in the air as I type this!

  7. have been offline for a few days at our New Years conference. Just teared up catching up on the past weeks posts! SO exciting. She is just beautiful. How old is she again?

    We are actually in DC for our conference. Wish we could congratulate you at the DC airport on your layover!

    I really am SO thrilled for you!

  8. Jack’s reaction to today’s pictures…”I just love that baby! She’s just the sweetest thing ever!”. That captures how we are feeling at the Wherry household–couldn’t be any happier for you guys. Safe travels!
    Love, Jack (Lynsey, Mike, + Owen too!)

  9. Well! Yipeee! This is the first chance I have had to sit down and look at the computer and what a treat! Evyn is just the cutest. All the pics made me cry. You guys are just so lucky to have each other. Can not wait to see ya! Be safe and good luck on your flight! Can not wait to see the pics from Nash meeting her, I am sure I will cry all over again.

  10. That pic of her in the crib waking up just has me un done!!!!! I would be there w bells on in atlanta if I wasn’t in california…em that pic of you and her is just gorgeous. You are glowing. Love you all sure you’re in travel mode now…. Praying

  11. Emily! Oh my goodness Evyn is so adorable! You commented on my blog several months ago…and now you have her! I’m so happy for you! You should be just getting home today…I’ve heard Passion2010 is going beautifully – my mom is a volunteer. Enjoy your time of family bonding. I hope to get to meet you in 2010!

  12. Bummed I just read on your blog you guys landed today! Could have totally been at the airport! Hope the flight went well! Praying for Passion for you as well! If you need anything – we are down the street!

  13. Loving this…that picture of you and Evyn is GORGEOUS, Em. I remember frequenting an Ethiopian restaurant down on LaVista quite often and your food references were right on :). Praying for continued attachment and health…and for much grace over your soul’s ability to surrender and believe during these days of Passion. xo

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