day 2…

Our first night with Evyn went great!  She slept really good.  We (Bryson & Emily) spent most of the night awake just looking at her!  We went to the US embassy this morning and all of our paperwork was approved!  Evyn’s visa will be finalized and ready to be picked up on Wednesday morning.

So, we have spent less than 24 hours with Evyn and the thing we know best about her is her poop!  Yep, she has pooped 6 times in less than 24 hours.  One of her poops went all the way up her back and under her armpits…so fun!!!


13 thoughts on “day 2…

  1. Am I the 1st to comment? I’m so glad the night went well! She’s breaking you in well; that’s a lot of poop! She looks so content! Happy bonding, you guys!!

  2. I love reading about your first days together. As I read I love envisioning what it will be like for us as we meet our child for the first time. Thanks for allowing us all a peak inside your experience.

  3. Congrats you guys! She is precious! Beautiful photos! We are so thrilled for you guys! What an amazing day for all three of you!
    Praying for your journey!
    the huntons

  4. Evyn is such a beautiful girl!! Those eyes!! Praying for you on this journey – thanks for sharing a glimpse of it with us!

  5. Evyn is so beautiful!! So awesome that you are able to post each day- I’m still trying to get caught up on each day! Glad y’all are getting to know each other, and all her poop. 🙂

  6. I have looooved catching up on your journey to receive Evyn. What an amazing family! My cousin has a little girl from Ethiopia as well. Kiley… she’s got huge eyes just like Evyn! I hope things continue to go so smooth for you guys! Thanks for being such faithful bloggers so we can be on this trip of a life time with you!

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