The Countdown in ON…


My mother-in-law puchased this awesome advent calendar for us to use this year. But instead of waiting to count down to Christmas, I am going to use it to countdown to COURT. Each day instead of taking out a treat as we would if counting down to Christmas, we are going to write a little note to Baby Opi. The note can be anything…scripture we are praying over her, something we are excited about, a prayer for her, our hopes and dreams for her life, etc. I think this will be a fun way to celebrate each day until our Court appointment! November 24th can not get here soon enough!


2 thoughts on “The Countdown in ON…

  1. So cute. Where did your mother in law purchases this from? I left a comment on your website early today. My friend Amber Vestal told me about you. My husband and I are starting the process of adoption. We are interested in Uganda right now, but we are still praying about it. She told me you live in Athens. It is great to connect with people that live in Georgia. I will be praying for you and your family as you get closer to meeting your sweet baby!

  2. Melissa: Thanks for the comment. The advent calendar is from Garnet Hill catalog. It’s been fun to use as we count down the days until Court! What agency are you planning on using? Do you live in the ATL area? we are trying to put together a pot luck dinner in January or Feb. for families who have adopted from or are in the process of adopting from Africa. Would love to include you in that. you can email me your email address at: emily at athenschurch dot come

    Best wishes as you continue your adoption journey. it is an amazing ride!

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