A video that inspires…

This is the first video Bryson and I watched when we began dreaming + praying about adopting last fall. I had not watched this video in several months so I dug it up and watched it again this evening. It is so inspiring to see the beautiful faces of the children! Check it out…I think you will be inspired too. 


1 thought on “A video that inspires…

  1. Emily,
    Hi! We are Georgia natives and UGA alums and have been thinking about moving back to the Classic City. We have no idea if it’ll happen. Just thinking. Anyway, we are in the Ethiopian adoption process and I was wondering if you could fill me in on what resources /adoption community you have found in Athens? Right now we have such a good group – both for Ethiopian adoption and for our daughter adopted from China that I hate to move away from all that. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. My email is erin.whitener@gmail.com.
    Thank you!

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