Thinking about our little one…

I came across this video of a sweet family from Nashville area that just adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia with the same agency we are going through, AGCI. It’s a great video of their “gotcha day”, the day you get to pick up your baby and bring her home. Bryson and I both sobbed through the video! The adoption journey can seem so surreal…almost feels hypothetical and not something that is actually ever going to happen. There are so many hoops to jump through, papers to file, and time to pass before your little one is in your arms. This video and other “gotcha videos” are so encouraging to watch…they inspire me, give me hope, and remind me again why we are on this journey. A little girl is waiting for us…and we are waiting for her. I can picture myself meeting her for the first time…holding her…kissing her little face…and bringing her home to raise, love, and adore. I look forward to posting our own “gotcha video” one day soon. Keep praying with us! 

Check out this video (it gets really good around 2:10 minutes)…


3 thoughts on “Thinking about our little one…

  1. SO sweet. What a beautiful baby girl. I am so excited for you guys to finally see YOUR baby girl. Praying for you 4… (Kelly Miller)

  2. thanks for posting our video…You’re going ot love traveling to HH and getting your baby girl..It was so amazing!! Congrats on your decision to adopt…you’ll be there before you know it 🙂 kj

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