October 31st…

The kids! And to think that this wasn’t all of them! we are missing a few in this pic…

Halloween! It was quite the extravaganza at our house this year! 22 adults + 25 kids in costume and under the age of 6. Oh. My. Goodness! Fun!! Crazy! Just they way it should be! We started with a potluck dinner, then hit the streets for sweets. It felt like a scene out of a movie with all the families walking down the street, baby’s in arm, strollers being pushed, toddlers running from house to house with screams of delight, the sun setting, cool October air, the smell of campfires being lit, and a colorful canopy of leaves overhead. It was beautiful chaos.

I always have grand plans of making my kids costumes weeks in advance, but it never fails that I’m gluing and sewing the morning of Halloween to pull something together. This year we managed to have 1 shark and 2 mermaids. Nash and Evyn were thrilled with their costumes. However, Meyer was not a fan. She had been fussy most of the day (I’m thinking an ear ache…headed to the doc to find out in a bit!) so she was not in the mood to dress up. I didn’t get any great family group photos this year, but here’s what I managed to snap….

A VERY unhappy Mermaid. I don’t blame her with that ribbon-hair wig and giant flower on her head! (don’t worry, she had a sweater…we just snapped one picture without it!)

On the other hand, this mermaid LOVE being a creature of the sea…


Taking over the streets…

The goods!

Meyer prefers just being herself.

Well, until next year…


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