Lost in deep thought….

Since Evyn could talk she has referred to herself as “chocolate”,  Nash (& Meyer) as “vanilla”, me “chocolate chips” (because of my freckles), and Bryson as “milk chocolate”. This has always made me smile and I love how she delights in the fact that she is “chocolate”. Besides, chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing!  Recently Evyn was sitting quietly thinking and out of the blue we had the following conversation…

Me: “What are you thinking about Ev?”

Evyn: “Mom, I KNOW God made me. I KNOW Jesus loves me. But why am I the only chocolate girl?”

Me: “You aren’t the only chocolate girl. There are lots of beautiful chocolate girls just like you (I then go on to list some friends we know…). But how does it make you feel to be the only chocolate girl in our family?”

Evyn: “Well……I guess it makes me feel special.”

Me: “You are special, Evyn. (pause) Evyn, would you like to have a brother or sister who is chocolate like you?”

Evyn: after pondering the question for a second she says with a huge grin, “Yeah. Or… maybe just a friend that comes over sometimes?!”

Words from a child are so honest and real. It’s a great reminder for me to 1.) keep an open conversation going…she’s thinking about it and needs to talk about it. 2.) make sure we are surrounding our family with a diverse group friends and families that span cultural and color lines. 3.) Might be time to really start thinking/talking/pursuing adoption again. 🙂

I love this child more than words and not a day goes by that I don’t thank God that He has allowed us to be her parents. She’s a gem.


This is our life…


7 thoughts on “Evyn

  1. Love this! I hope the Africa party was fun! And just so you know you have my and @meridy’s full support and enthusiasm if the door opens for you and bryson to adopt again 🙂

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