This child is hilarious. She deserves her on blog, let alone her own blog post. Next month, my sweet Meyer will turn 2! She’s already exercising her 2-year-old muscles and attitude. There are multiple times a day she makes me crack up laughing. She’s beginning to talk more and more, but it’s those eyes of hers that already say a thousand words. She is silly, stubborn, full of life & joy, and thinks she is as at least as old as Evyn and Nash combined. Her favorite person in the world is her Mimi, by a long shot. They are too peas in a pod — I love their sweet relationship!

See for yourself just how silly this little “butterball” is!

Her silly wink + fake smile….

Now she is just trying to be funny….

obviously in the middle of lunch….

I wish I could bottle up that laughter and smile forever!


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