Cape Town

This past month Bryson and I got to visit Cape Town for the first time. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Granted, it would have been better if we would have visited it together at the same time. As it was, Bryson had a trip scheduled for JoBurg and Cape Town for 10 days prior to when I was to leave. So as  he was on his flight home, I was just leaving Atlanta on my flight to Cape Town. We blew kisses to one another as our planes passed in the night over the Atlantic ocean. It was a long 20 days apart from one another — I wouldn’t recommend it! I do think I got the best end of the deal. After spending 10 days with the 3 kids by myself, nothing in the world seemed more lovely than a 16 hour flight somewhere on the other side of the world (uninterrupted quiet time? Yes, please! Though I did miss my little people terribly)! I was giddy about going to Cape Town!

My purpose in going to CT was to help with the Passion World Tour stop there. What a joy to serve!! The night was beautiful — 17,000 people gathered in the soccer arena for worship and teaching. The Church is alive in Cape Town! And for sure God’s glory is alive in Cape Town….talk about breath-taking scenery! God is showing off in the natural beauty He crafted on Africa’s southern tip. I’m quite sure there is nothing like the coast of Cape Town anywhere else on planet earth. The drive to the Cape of Good Hope stole my heart forever. Stunning cliffs, wild ocean, whales jumping from the depths of the sea, penguins, baboons, wild ostrich, Springbok, meerkat, beautiful beaches, the Indian & Atlantic oceans meeting, wine country….I could gush on and on about the beauty of Cape Town. It was my first trip to glorious Cape Town, but it will surely NOT be my last.

The Church rising up in worship at Passion Cape Town…

on the tip of Africa! Take my breath away…both the beauty and the freezing water!

After serving with the Passion team in Cape Town, I boarded a flight to Durban to meet up with my two best friends/roommates from college, Emmy and Kris. Both of these sweet girls married awesome South African men and have happily made their home in SA. The three of us had not been together in 10 years so it was a precious reunion! I am so grateful for the time we had to catch up! What a sweet blessing!

Me, Kris, and Emmy….back together! (Missing Stacey, though!)


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