pumpkin littles…

Our 2012 Pumpkin Adventure in North Georgia…

Mimi and the lil’ pumpkins…

another good one…

apparently they can only sit still and smile through 2 photos…but this is more “natural”, wouldn’t you say?

Love this one! So us!




Her beautiful smile…

Her fake “mean” look! Head down, eyes up, brow furrowed. ¬†Serious.¬†

a little hay ride action…



2 thoughts on “pumpkin littles…

  1. I love this! Super cute and really easy. My son is a litlte young for crafts yet, but I’m stock piling ideas for when he is!I haven’t had a chance yet to look through your archives, but have you tried making a similar type ball with string that’s dipped in glue and glitter and wrapped around a balloon? The ballon hold the shape of the string until the glue dries (the glue makes the string retain it’s shape) and then you pop the balloon? My friend did that once with her kids to make hand-made christmas tree ornaments, and I thought it was a neat and simple idea.

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