So we went camping…

…and we survived.

It was our first try at camping with our little tribe and while it is true that I mumbled more than once as we were packing that I would NEVER camp again, I actually think we might make it a semi-regular thing…like maybe once a year. Let it be known that camping is A LOT of work! It’s probably one of those things that gets easier the more you do it but this time around packing for the trip was exhausting! Whew!

We went to Vogel State Park with a few family friends (also non-camping types) from Passion City Church and it really was a blast to hang out with these amazing people for a couple days and watch our kids become friends. Passion City took a 2 week Sabbath Break so we had a longer weekend than usual to just rest and be. What better way to “be” than to hang out in God’s beautiful creation with some incredible people. It was a very memorable weekend and a perfect (though not necessarily restful) way to spend Sabbath break.

If you’ve ever wondered what lurks in the North Georgia mountains, wonder no more…

I took on the meals responsibility for the camping trip. Mostly because I like to eat good food. Which can be a problem, but that’s a post for another day. Bryson and I are food snobs. Well, Bryson more than me, but we both can be snobby about food…and when we don’t eat well, we get grumpy. Fact. So, it was more for selfish reasons I took on the role of Master Chef for the camping trip. I had so much fun putting together the menu and making some good grub for the whole crew. Feeding people is one of my love languages. Waffles for breakfast, BBQ Chicken Pizzas over the charcoal grill, marinated flank steak, campfire cooked loaded baked potatoes, grilled corn, coffee cake, s’mores made with Reese’s Cups, cobb salad with homemade ranch and I even brought homemade iced coffee. YUM! I learned a lot this first go round, so I’m ready to stretch my cooking muscles for next time and see what I can come up with for the menu in 2013. Needless to say we spent a lot of time eating, but we also fished, sat around the fire, tried to stay dry when it rained, took little nature hikes, played in the creek, played duck duck goose, kept the fire roaring, and just enjoyed each other’s company. Life’s simple pleasures are often the best.

Meal time was fun for all…

She’s a natural! I’d say she’s got a little redneck in her blood. 

when did he become such a little man?


new friends…

playing dolls in the dirt…

Making s’mores

Some of the worlds cutest kids. Man, oh, man were they FILTHY dirty by the time we got home. It was awesome.

Quality time and Little House on the Prairie & a head lamp…sweet times.



a little relaxation!


5 thoughts on “So we went camping…

  1. love it! camping with little ones is SO fun, but does require SO much STUFF!!!! I may be asking you for a few recipes soon- I’d love to improve my camping cooking prowess.

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