First Day of Pre-K Awesomeness

Sweet Nash boy! Look how grown up you are! I am believing great things for you this year! (and I do need to get your hair cut, asap!)

Nash is headed to his first day of pre-k today! He is going to a precious little school that several friends of ours attend. What I love about this little school is that it is a Classical Education school, Jesus focused, and is excellent in everything they do. A wise friend who is a few seasons ahead of me shared some word of wisdom that has really helped guide me as we determined the right school option for Nash this year. She said when you are thinking through school options for your kids take it “one kid and one year at time”. This little wisdom nugget has given me so much freedom as I think through school options for my children. I was getting overwhelmed thinking about where I was going to send my kids for the next 12 years….like I had make the final decision right now for the next decade! But this freedom to go year by year and child by child feels like such a better approach. For Nash, this little school is the perfect fit for him for this year and I believe he is going to really thrive and grow under their leadership. I can not wait to watch him become a little man!

Gathering in front of the school with his class for the Balloon Ceremony…

a little timid…and overwhelmed… but holding it together! No tears!

Gathering to hear a word from the headmaster…

Letting the balloons go and signifying the start of a new year!

Into the school he goes…
sniff sniff.


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