Mommy’s Heart Went Pop!

Our friend, Peter Greer, over at Hope International sent us a copy of the new children’s book he and his wife wrote called “Mommy’s Heart Went Pop!” based on their adoption journey. It is a beautifully written and illustrated story of a mama’s journey to her son on the other side of the world. What I loved about the book is it is very real to life (at least to our story) and uses language I use when telling Evyn her “special story”. It shares how the mom prayed, thought about, and longed for her child, chronicals how she got the nursery ready and how her friends gave her a baby shower. The book talks about getting “the phone call” and how the mom and dad boarded the plane to travel to get their baby. My favorite part is how it describes the moment when she meets her baby for the first time — her heart POPS and the love she had been holding in her heart for this child was able to gush out as she was finally able to whisper “I love you” in his ears, kiss his sweet head and hold him…and never let him go. That was exactly how I felt when I held Evyn the first time.

I’ve looked high and low for great children’s books about adoption and it is tough. So, when I find a good one…I want to let everyone know! So, check it out! Get a copy for yourself or one for a friend who is on an journey to bring home their baby from the other side of the world.


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