The last of Oregon…

Here are the last bits of pictures from our Oregon adventures.

Thank you dear Oregon for the cool weather, good eats, kind people, and beautiful sights. We’ll remember you forever…and if not, we will come back and look at these pictures on the blog to help us remind us…

Eating Ice cream…in her new too-big-but-cute Rockaway Beach sweatshirt

Stop with the cuteness.

The fine art of cooking crabs…

The master cooker, Grandma Betty…

Got one…

Dad teaching Meyer to eat fresh crabs. That’s a serious face, daddy.

action shot…eating the crabs…

Daddy showing the kids how to climb the tree…

Go Pop Pop, go!

popsicles on the porch…

Great memories of our day spent at the OMSI museum. What a great place! Cool science exhibits, awesome kids area, submarine tour, IMAX movie. Whew, what a day!

Astronauts Evyn and Meyer…welcome home. How was the flight?

Nash LOVED this gravity ball track at the OMSI Museum. He stared at it (just like this) for a very long time.

touring a real submarine!

silly girls.

I think our new meterologist are a little too short, eh? (see their little heads at the bottom of the screen?)

The Vogeltanz Men. We got to celebrate the life of Roy’s brother, Larry, who passed away just a few days before we left for Oregon. We were grateful to be in Portland to celebrate his life with his family.

Well, that’s the last of the pictures. I promise no more! We can move on to other topics…


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