…to the mountains

From the beach to the mountains! With Mt. Hood majestically standing guard over Portland, how could we not make the short drive up and let the kids touch the snow and watch the skiers and snowboarders…in JULY?! It’s not every day that you get to be at the beach in the morning and with skiers in the afternoon. The funny part was it was freezing cold at the beach and actually hot on top of the mountain. Nash had been asking all week to climb the big mountain, so we did…

Headed to the top of Mt. Hood.
Hold on tight daddy. Um, this makes me nervous.

hi from up high!

Meyer and chubby cheeks…oops, I mean Bryson

Just a little further…


not our best picture, but were all there.

weeeeeeee! This is fun!
Then comes the realization that his legs, shoes, and bottom are completely wet and ice cold.

I love this man. And these sweet girls.

The famous Timberline Lodge

For those of you who thought our vacation was “picture perfect”, here’s a little dose of reality. We all have our meltdown moments.


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