The Oregon Coast

I posted some pictures about campfires on the beach, but here are a few more of our time spent on the beautiful Oregon Coast at Bryson’s grandparent’s beach cabin.

We walked down to the beach as soon as arrived so Nash could put his toes in the Pacific…

Bryson chasing Nash with a crab…

When the girls woke up from their naps we hit the beach again. This time with sand castle gear in tow.

The Meyer walk. This girl walks with purpose. I pray she always does. 

Look, water!

Sweet friends… Meyer and Mimi

He learned the “peace sign”

Evyn didn’t really appreciate the cool air and spent most of her time completely bundled up on the blanket.

I just can’t get enough of Nash’s smile! He loved the beach!

Can we go back, please?!


1 thought on “The Oregon Coast

  1. I love having lots of white arnuod me, but always with a splash of soft colors and some wodden elements. A absolutly adore the fisrst images, as I’m so in love with natural and aslo soft coloured linen and the mother of pearl button make the cushions just perfect.Thans a lot for sharing these amazing pics, Christina.Have a lovely week. Lysann

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