The day she turned three…

How is she already 3? Evyn Olivia is growing up into such a beautiful little person. So full of life and passion. No doubt the Lord has amazing things in store for my little princess. And a princess she is. I don’t teach it…I’m not into pink or polish, but this girl LOVES it! It just comes naturally to her.  When I asked earlier this month how she would like to celebrate her birthday she answered without hesitation, “I would like a PINK MAGICAL PRINCESS party.” And so she did…

The princess table…

The cake…

This girl deserves at least two pictures because I had NO IDEA what I was doing (baking is NOT my strong suit!) and I made this cake at midnight before the party. I was pleased. My favorite was making her crown out of foil! One of my more brilliant moments. 🙂 Not going to lie…I’m proud of her! And more importantly Evyn LOVED her cake! It even got an, “AHH Oh. My. Goodness!” exclamation when I brought her out to show Evyn.

The little princess.

I like to think of this picture as her, “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” picture.


This girl is a party animal! I’m pretty sure she ate the entire bowl of M&M’s I had out for the girls.

Princess treats. Build your own goodie bag

Soooo happy!

Her first bike!! She LOVES it!!!

apply new makeup “generously”…Like, ALL OVER YOUR FACE.

Pop Pop helping Evyn get started on her new bike. (See Meyer in the background…she’s eating M&M’s, again.)

MyMy and MiMi

Rockstar princess…

She is so serious about her PINK PRINCESS guitar. wow.

Just taking it all in…

Evyn and Pop Pop share a birthday…double the fun!

Family in PINK!

off she goes….

Three never looked so sweet…

Nothing like finishing a great day with a little movie and snuggles with the ones you love the best…

It was a fun day celebrating Evyn. We are grateful for her life and thankful for the friends and family who came out to celebrate her with us!


4 thoughts on “The day she turned three…

  1. I loved hearing Evyn talk about her awesome pink magical princess party yesterday in Bloom, and from the pictures it looks like it was as awesome as she explained it. 🙂 I particulary like her birthday cake, she was very excited to tell us all about it.

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