Parenthood Milestone

Oh to be a mother of a boy! This week will be remembered as the week we crossed a major parenthood milestone — “The First Broken Bone”.

Nash is now the proud owner of a red cast on his right arm. Congratulations. He learned a valuable lesson in horse-playing (that phrase looks weird when you write it…but it’s what my mom always called playing rough in the house!?). Thanks to Nash’s Superman strength he had no problem tipping over a heavy wooden bench on top of his arm. I’m still not exactly sure how it happened, but the bench won. I, however, win the Mom of the Year award because the accident happened on Saturday and since I didn’t see any bleeding or bruising I figured it was just a little boo boo. Not so much. By Tuesday decided it was time to go to the doctor and, obviously, I’m so glad we did! Mom of the Year!

Nash is a stud! He was so brave sitting through the X-rays and getting his cast on. Thankfully, he only has to wear the cast for 3 weeks and It’s even waterproof! Nash choose a red cast because of his love for the Georgia Bulldogs and then kindly allowed me to take some pictures to capture this epic milestone. Enjoy…

The novelty of the cast is wearing off QUICKLY! He’s already asked me to take it off…and it’s only the 2nd day.

Love this picture! My handsome boy is looking so big!


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